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At HPS our commitment is personal because...You're not just a customer, you're a neighbor!

En los Servicios Públicos de Homestead (HPS), nuestro compromiso es personal porque…¡Usted no es sólo un cliente, es nuestro vecino!

Pay Your BillHomestead Public Services (HPS) proudly delivers exceptional municipal Water, Energy and Sanitation to our community. Les presentamos a los Servicios Públicos de Homestead (HPS)….orgullosamente suministrando a nuestra comunidad excelencia en electricidad, agua, recolección de basura y alcantarillados.

HPS Welcome Guide 

Check out our HPS guide that will take you through application instructions, what you can expect to pay, FAQ's, and so much more.  Click here for our HPS guide.

The Power of People

At HPS, we believe our close-knit relationship with our customers is due to the fact that most of our employees also live in the City. Our employees provide Water, Energy and Sanitation with insight into the unique needs and preferences of the community we serve, and enables us to offer a level of service that transcends those of our competitors.

  • Friendly and prompt responses to customer concerns.
  • Rapid resolutions to service issues.
  • Timely follow-up on customer inquiries and requests for services.
  • Flexibility to pursue creative options in all policy, process and technology arenas.
  • Ability for customers to voice their opinions, and access decision-makers in public meetings.

 HPS Customer Service
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We value your business and take great pride in providing you with premier customer service. Our Customer Service Department works hard to provide customer feedback on processes and help you activate, bill, and close electric, water and solid waste accounts.

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