What are the steps to opening a new business?

Step One Decide what legal structure you would like to have: A) Sole Proprietor, B) Partnership C) Corporation (C or S) or D) LLC (Limited Liability Company). Lawyers and doctors may form a Professional Association (PA). For your convenience, all forms can be found on-line at www.sunbiz.org. Step Two If you choose to use a name other than your own or that of a corporation (if you choose to create one), then you must obtain a Fictitious Name Certification (DBA). It is not necessary to obtain a fictitious name. You may also trade mark the name in the State of Florida, nationally and/or internationally. The action applies to all forms of ownerships: corporations, LLC’s, sole proprietorships and partnerships. Step Three Check the zoning, parking and other regulations with the City of Homestead Planning and Zoning Department before signing a contract or lease. For businesses moving into an existing space that are planning interior remodeling be sure to check with the building department for a building permit. You may also be required to obtain additional licenses and permits from Miami-Dade Fire and DERM (Department of Environmental Resources). Step Four You may be required to obtain special permits or licenses. As a new business, you may be required by the city to obtain additional permits from the state or other entities. To determine the appropriate licensing department for your new business visit www.myflorida.com/dbpr Step Five Every business needs to obtain a Business Tax Receipt (also known as a Occupational License) and a Certificate of Use regardless of how small your business is and even if it is in your home. Also check out additional items that are needed to apply for your Business Tax Receipt . Every business is also required to obtain a Miami-Dade County Occupational License. You can apply for a City of Homestead Business Tax Receipt at: Business Tax Receipt Office, 100 Civic Court, Homestead, FL 33030. For more information, email: cmilford@cityofhomestead.com or call (305) 224-4504. Although you do not need an attorney to start a business, it is recommended to seek counsel if needed.

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1. What are the steps to opening a new business?
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