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Vice Mayor Patricia D. Fairclough-Staggers

Posted on: February 25, 2020

Vice Mayor Fairclough-Staggers Recognizes First United Methodist Christian School’s ‘Kid-trepeneurs’

Vice Mayor Fairclough-Staggers and Roxaboxen Kidtrepreneurs

Vice Mayor Patricia Fairclough-Staggers opened her special presentation on February 19th about the 2019 Roxaboxen project at First United Methodist Christian School [FUMCS] saying, “This is one of my favorite presentations at City Council every year. We have some ‘kid-trepeneurs’ with us — the first graders from First United Methodist Christian School! Every year, we showcase the hard work they put into building their businesses here in Homestead.”

Every year, the two classes of FUMS first graders read “Roxaboxen,” a beloved, well-known book written by Alice McLerran. The book, which celebrates the imagination of children who, no matter the time or place, can create whole worlds out of what they find around them — in this case, rocks and boxes — also creates a unique opportunity for the students to learn about what makes a community a community.

Vice Mayor Fairclough-Staggers introduced Mrs. Kenney and Mrs. Torbert, the first grade teachers at FUMCS. Kenney, who has been teaching at FUMS for 10 years, said, “We’ve been spearheading Roxaboxen for 10 years as well. It’s great. It teaches the kids about community, services and voting — they vote for their mayor. So without further ado, I’m going to let our town mayor take it away.”

Emily Money, the Mayor of Roxaboxen said, “I’m so happy to introduce you to our citizens.” One by one, the students, wearing outfits to match their respective professions, filed excitedly up to front of the Council Chambers as their names were read, first Mrs. Torbert’s class, then Mrs. Kinney’s class. A vet, a banker, a baker and a movie theatre owner were just a few of the professions and businesses the children came up with. Vice Mayor Fairclough presented each one with a certificate and thanked Kinney and Torbert for their creative work. She added, “Let’s give another round of applause for all of these
kid-trepenuers in our community.”

Roxaboxen business creators in Mrs. Kenney’s class:

Aquiles Arciniega – US Special Forces Office; Sofie Boyle – Boyle’s Botanicals; Abel Cavallaro – Cavallaro Casters; Aryanna Delgado – Aryanna’s Movie Theater; Elly Famada – Elly’s Candy Shop; Alyssa Goodman – Circle G. Ranch; Branden Goodman – “B” Bait Shop; Natalia Ilbert – Natalia’s Swirl and Twirl; Audrey Lugo – Audrey’s Coffee Shop; Jacob Lyons – Jacob’s Game Stop; Roger Montgomery – Roger Power and Light; Janessa Ortiz – Tasty Sweets by Nessa; Sophie Quiroga – Sophie’s Jewelry Shop; Clyde Rosalez – Clyde’s Capital Bank; Mason Steen – Sushi Shack; and Ava Suarez – Ava’s Dolphin Aquarium

Roxaboxen business creators in Mrs. Torbert’s class: Leila Medero – Art of Heart; Brianna DeFreitas – Roxaboxen Hospital; Isabella Acosta – Isabella’s Sweet Shop; Stephen Capello – Stevie D. Tacos;
Liam Caswell – Liam’s Gym; Jude Hoff – Jude’s Purrfect Pink Pet Shop; Emily Money – Town Hall (Mayor); Lucas Rodney – Police Station 1953; Miranda Rojas – Sunny Sunshine Academy; Liam Watson – Liam’s Pool Service; Mackenzie Kollen – Christian Cuts; Annabella Tonanta – Roxaboxen City Church; Jeremy Ellenburg – Papa John’s; Harlee Schlehuber – Dr. Harlee’s Pet Vet; Jakarri Jenkins – Jakarri’s Fire Station