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Councilman Stephen R. Shelley

Posted on: August 26, 2019

‘Recognizing Our Hometown Heroes,’ Mayor Shelley Proclaims August 21st Lineworkers Appreciation Day

Mayor Shelley Proclaims August 21st Lineworkers Appreciation Day

Mayor Stephen Shelley proclaimed May 21st Lineworkers Appreciation Day at the Special Presentation held on the same day. The City of Homestead joined the State of Florida to celebrate Florida Lineworker Appreciation Day in honor of the men and women who risk their lives daily to ensure reliable delivery of electricity throughout Florida. There are 15 lineworkers who serve Homestead and work long hours, sometimes under dangerous conditions, to help restore power.

Mayor Shelley invited lineworkers and “everyone who helps keep our electrical grid on” to join him at the front of the Council Chambers to be recognized. Director of HPS Energy Barbara Quiñones was also present.

Mayor Shelley noted, “Our power is always on, which is something we take for granted. We turn on a switch and the light comes on and the AC works. As soon as a hurricane comes or we have a power outage, you start to realize how much we rely on power, day in and day out. So it’s these guys up here who make sure we have the necessities of life, including hot water and air conditioning.”


He read the proclamation, which highlighted the linemen’s around-the-clock commitment and service, noting the 24/7 necessity and importance of the power grid for the life of the community. The proclamation stated that in Homestead, “the lineworkers are dedicated and hard-working individuals who risk their lives daily working in extremely dangerous situations to ensure the reliable delivery of electric energy to The City of Homestead’s homes and businesses; and that during the Atlantic hurricane season, Florida lineworkers, including The City of Homestead lineworkers, remain prepared to work tirelessly day and night to safely and quickly restore power to residents, when needed.”

The City of Homestead’s lineman include Daniel Church, Leonard Cunningham, Mike Cutrer, Eric Hernandez, John Ingram , Bill Miner, Jesse Morua, Gil Palmer, Billy Pearce, Marco Quijano, Ray Ramirez, George Schultz, Drew Steen, Brett West, Jason Wilkerson, and Wil Worrall.

Mayor Shelley concluded the presentation, saying, “Thank you guys very much for all that you do.”

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