Building Safety


We are now offering electronic plan review for your Miami-Dade County plan reviews. Projects that are required to have Miami-Dade County plan review approval may be converted to digital format at the applicant’s request and upload to Miami Dade County for review. Applicants will need to submit (3) sets of plans instead of (2) and provide a completed Miami-Dade County application.

We are working harder so you won't have to!


Provide time and cost savings to customers by minimizing the need to travel to county facilities to conduct plan review and permitting activity.

Streamline and expedite the permitting process by allowing reviews to be concurrent.

Provide ability to track the status of Miami-Dade County plan review as well as review comments.


Online Services - check plan review status or schedule an inspection

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Building Safety is a division of the Development Services Department. The building safety division houses information regarding the building code, building permits, certificates of completion, certificates of occupancy and inspections. The division:

  • Conducts business site inspections
  • Conducts inspections
  • Issues certificates of occupancy and completion
  • Issues permits
  • Reviews plans for all new structures
  • Reviews proposed improvements to existing structures per Florida Building Code F.B.C. 2017 edition

For More Information

For more information, call the building safety division at (305) 224-4500.