Solicitations & Results (Bids & RFPs)

Instructions to Bidders 


The City of Homestead utilizes the OpenGov eProcurement system that streamlines procurement while ensuring an open, fair, and competitive supplier selection process. By registering you will be able to learn about, subscribe, and participate in current bid/contract opportunities the City has to offer and receive notifications for future requirements. The City solicits sealed solicitations such as quote request (over $5k), bids, RFQs, and RFPs. To participate, please register your business under a company email address. Potential bidders are solely responsible for maintaining up to date and accurate information and may edit their profile at any time.

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The City’s eProcurement Portal Clock is the official timekeeper for the determination of all deadline dates and times. Without exception, responses will not be accepted after the submission deadline regardless of any technical difficulties such as poor internet connections. The City of Homestead strongly recommends completing your response well ahead of the deadline.

Questions and Addenda

Bidders shall submit all inquiries regarding solicitations via the City’s e-Procurement Portal below. Please note the advertised deadline for submitting inquiries. All answers to inquiries will be posted on the City’s e-Procurement Portal. As a registered bidder, you will also receive addenda notifications to your email by clicking “Follow” on this project.

Pricing Instructions for Bidders

To be considered, you will complete the Bid Schedule or Bid sheet via the eProcurement Portal. Please submit your pricing using the online bid sheet provided. You will also be asked to answer questions to support your bid submission. Questions may ask information on your company as well as require upload of ancillary documents to the City’s eProcurement portal.