Economic Development


The City of Homestead is committed to the expansion and further diversification of Homestead’s economy and employment opportunities, by promoting, coordinating, and implementing economic revitalization activities that reduce socio-economic disparity and improve the quality of life of all residents. In order to do so, the City has partnered with BusinessFlare to bring about a new wave of economic development through a strategic work plan. The plan is currently under development and is taking into account current economic conditions, stakeholder input, and community vision.

Goals & Objectives

  • Promote and support a diverse mix of industries vital to a growing economy.
  • Continue to leverage Homestead’s strengths in tourism and international commerce.
  • Encourage creation of new small businesses by providing support and resources.
  • Promotes stewardship of the area’s natural and cultural environment in balance with a sustainable growing economy.
  • Connect entrepreneurs, business leaders and major corporations to new and existing development opportunities.

Whether it’s for expanding an existing enterprise or relocating a business to the City of Homestead, BusinessFlare can help.

All new businesses should contact the Business Tax Receipt Office to apply for their business tax receipt. The Business Tax Receipt Office also provides business tax receipt renewals for all existing businesses; business tax receipts are required to be renewed annually. Click here to visit the Business Tax Receipt Office page. 

Finding a Location for Your Business

The City of Homestead is proud to partner with the Beacon Council and Miami Realtors Association to provide local information to potential businesses.

Click here to learn more about Homestead's growing economy.

Click here to find commercial properties available. 

Please note: Listings are updated periodically and may not reflect current commercial locations available.

About the Beacon Council & Miami Realtors Association

The Miami-Dade Beacon Council is the official economic development organization for Miami-Dade County. Led by a professional staff and Board of volunteer community leaders, the organization facilitates business growth and expansion locally, nationally and internationally. 

The Miami Realtors Association has been helping South Florida find a location for their business for over 102 years for premier professional development. They have received numerous awards and recognitions at the local, state, national, and international levels.  Awards have recognized excellence in meeting the needs of members, educational programming, community involvement, and leadership.