Report a Street Light Problem


Street lights in Homestead are managed by multiple entities, depending on location and type of roadway.  The groups responsible for street lighting ownership and maintenance include Homestead Public Services (HPS) Energy, Florida Power and Light (FPL), HOAs, and Miami-Dade County (MDC).  If you would like to report a street light problem, please see the interactive GIS map links below to help locate and identify a street light. Once a street light is identified, you can see which agency manages the street light and report problems to the correct agency. For information on how to report street light problems to the correct agency, please see the contact information below.

Please see the interactive GIS maps below to help locate and identify a street light.

Click here for HPS & HOA Lights                

Click here for MDC Lights                             

Click here for FPL Street Light area             

For more information on each agency, please see below: