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As of Wednesday, March 18, 2020, Development Services is closed to the public to promote "Social Distancing" and safety for residents and staff in light of the current national and regional COVID-19 outbreak. Staff is still working and will conduct business online.  Field inspections are being conducted until further notice.

The Planning Division has issued new online submission instructions.  View the instructions here

The Building Division is currently only accepting new submittals and re-works electronically.  View the instructions here.

  1. Online Payment Information
  2. Planning & Zoning Accounts
  3. Building Permit Accounts
  4. Business Tax Receipt Accounts

Development Services is now accepting online payments for Hearing Applications, Building Permits, and Local Business Tax Receipts. Under the current Declared State of Emergency, the convenience fee will be passed on to the applicant/customer.

Click here to make your payments online. In order to process your payment, please have your account number ready. Your account number will be specific to the Hearing Number, Building Permit, or Business Tax Receipt that you are seeking to pay for.  

Below are the contacts for various Development Services items.

Development Services Contacts

Planning & Zoning Contacts

  • Eddy Nuñez, Zoning Associate:
    • General questions related to the zoning code, comprehensive plan, zoning districts, land use designations, master plans.
  • Alessandra Alvarez, Planning & Zoning Assistant:
    • General questions related to the administrative and public hearings, public records, and entitlements.
  • Cathy Milford, Business Licensing:
    • Matters related to obtaining a Business Tax Receipt, transfers, existing businesses.
  • Ericka Bourraine, Cost Recovery/School Concurrency/Business Licensing:
    • Inquiries related to public heading cost recovery accounts, school concurrency, and business licensing.

Economic Development Contacts

Building Services Contacts

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