Net Metering

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is a solar incentive that allows you to store energy in the electric grid. When your solar panels produce more electricity than you need, that energy is sent to the grid in exchange for credits. Then, at night or other times when your solar panels are underproducing, you pull energy from the grid and use these credits to offset the costs of that energy.

Net Metering Animation

Net Metering with HPS Energy

HPS Energy offers our customers with solar panels the opportunity to participate in our net metering program.  Below is a guide for how to get started.

Application Process

  1. Fill out the required forms and gather supporting documentation:
  2. Email all forms and documentation to HPS Engineering.
  3. HPS Engineering will review the forms and contact you to set up an inspection.
  4. Once the inspection is passed, HPS Engineering will submit a request for the new bi-directional meter to be installed.
  5. The new meter will typically be installed within two weeks.


For any questions, email or call 305-224-4700 and ask for Engineering.

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