Rebate Programs

Energy Efficient Equipment Rebates

City of Homestead electricity customers can qualify for various rebates that help to compensate their energy conservation efforts. Residents who implement changes for energy efficiency in their homes will not only benefit through monthly bill savings and environmental stewardship, but will also receive monetary rebates.

The program offers rebates to Homestead Energy Service residential customers with utility accounts up to date, and who install the new equipment on the premises of the Homestead residence.

Rebate Amounts

Insulation of R30 or better                                                                                             $.12/sq. ft. up to $250

Insulation can deliver comfort and lower energy bills during the hottest and coldest times of the year. The “R” value of the insulation is the ability to resist heat flow and the Higher the rating, the better. Insulation with an “R30” value is typically about 9.5” thick.

One Time Annual AC Maintenance                                                                                      $50

Would you drive your car for years without getting a tune up? It's just as important to have your A/C tuned up. Just cleaning your A/C coils alone can reduce your energy consumption and save you money on your electric bill.

Water Heater Timer                                                                                                      $25

Do you leave the oven on when you're not cooking? As long as your water heater is on, it will continue to heat its water all day long using unnecessary electricity. With a timer you can set it to turn on only during times of usage.

Air Conditioner

Unit Size Rebate Amt

2 Ton $200

2.5 Ton $250

3 Ton $300

3.5 Ton & Up $350

Changing out an older or non-energy efficient AC unit can reduce your AC energy consumption by 10%. Older units have to work harder to cool down the home and doing so uses a lot more electric consumption.

Rebate Program Information and Forms

How to Lower your Bill through Energy Efficiency Measures
Find out about our Residential Rebate Program.

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