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 Pay Your Bill Opens in new windowThe mission of HPS Energy is to be a positive factor in the economic development of the city by providing safe, reliable electric services at a competitive price. 


HPS Energy generates, distributes, and sells energy services. In addition to the operation and maintenance of the power plant, the utility is responsible for constructing new electrical infrastructure as well as maintaining the electrical poles, wires, transformers, and street lights needed to provide a reliable source of energy for the resident and businesses in the service area.


HPS Energy has been a true pioneer in providing energy services to Homestead since 1916; a time when large power companies did not realize the benefit of extending their services to the City. From our humble beginnings as a power plant with one 30-kilowatt generator, to a one-time status as one of the largest municipal diesel-power generating plants in the United States, HPS Energy has proudly served our beautiful city and its residents for over a century!

At HPS Energy, we are very concerned about carbon emissions from fossil fuels, climate change and other vital issues that impact our environment, community and residents. That’s why we use natural gas as our primary fuel to operate all ten of our power-generating units. This underscores our commitment to provide our valued Homestead customers with the cleanest, most environmentally-friendly power available today.

Reliable Public Power Provider

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Homestead Energy Services is a Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3). The RP3 program recognizes utilities that demonstrate high proficiency in four areas: reliability, safety, work force development and system improvement.

EnergySaver Program 

The EnergySaver Program is an energy conservation initiative 

by the City of Homestead for our Homestead Energy Services customers. The program's mission is to make it easy for customers to save energy.

  • Online energy survey tool
  • Request an energy survey for your home or business
  • Access energy rebates and incentives
  • Find local contractors

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