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Inside Homestead is an exciting program where you can find out about all the happenings right here in Homestead.  Each month, we release a news show offering our residents updates on local events as well as other developments throughout the region.  We also have in-depth interviews with our Mayor & Council and City Staff, special events coverage, and helpful how-to videos..  Thanks for watching, we'll see you next time!

Inside Homestead News

February 2019

In this episode of Inside Homestead we're catching you up on exciting past events and giving you a heads up on upcoming celebrations.  Inside Homestead starts right now...


December 2018

We're talking about holiday happenings, community events,and our neighboring National Parks.  Inside Homestead starts right now...


November 2018

In this episode of Inside Homestead, we're recapping Downtown events, getting ready for the holidays, and giving you updates on the NASCAR Championship weekend.  Watch now to find out more!


 October 2018

Catch up on news and events with Inside Homestead!  This month, we're talking about good news for taxpayers, traffic relief for commuters, and some big wins for the City.  Watch now to find out more...


uly 2018

On this episode of Inside Homestead we're talking about downtown revitalization, small business assistance, and tons of summer fun.  Inside Homestead starts right now...

June 2018

Inside Homestead is back!  Catch up on major developments in Downtown Homestead, hurricane preparedness, mosquito control, and our annual Independence Day Bash.  Inside Homestead starts right now...


 March 2018

The latest edition of Inside Homestead is here!  Today we’re talking about statewide recognition, trips on the trolley and visiting your City parks. Inside Homestead starts right now...

February 2018

Catch up on everything that happened in February with Inside Homestead News! In this episode we're talking about recycling, getting kids involved with city government, and some fabulous renovations. 

January 2018

Stay up to date on news and events in your community with Inside Homestead! In this episode, we’re talking about civil rights leaders, cowboys, and getting to know your South Florida National Parks.

Special Events

Soaring Higher, 2018 State of the City

Soaring Higher is the story of Homestead's past, present, and future.  It delves into Homestead's journey through hardships and triumphs over the past past 25 years, as well as recent developments and Homestead's vision for a brighter future.


Andrew & the Phoenix: 2017 Tribute to City Staff

The story of Homestead is one of resilience—like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes. 25 years ago Hurricane Andrew devastated our city, but the community came back to rebuild stronger than ever. However, when things were finally looking up, a second storm came: the Great Recession. It left staff and residents reeling when property values dropped by more than half. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of staff, leaders, and residents Homestead is now in the midst of its next revitalization—rising once again from the ashes.

Together We Rise, 2017 State of the City

Together we grow, together we dream, together we are Homestead, and together we rise. This short film showcasing the 2017 state of our city brings you up to date on the exciting new developments of the past year and Homestead’s vision for a brighter future together.  Together We Rise features the people that contribute to Homestead’s success every day—from business owners to residents to City Staff and Elected Officials. Many of the accomplishments made in the past year were possible in part because of the May 2014 Bond Referendum, where voters showed overwhelming support for Downtown Homestead revitalization projects.


Downtown Homestead Press Conference

In a press conference hosted at the newly revitalized Seminole Theatre, the City of Homestead, joined by Congressman Curbelo, announced more than $7 million in federal funding needed for a major project in Downtown Homestead, which is central to the City's revitalization effort.  The project will include a Downtown Transit Center with a 1,000 space parking garage, a multi-screen movie theater, bowling alley, restaurant, and retail.


 2016 Homestead Staff Tribute: One Call Away

Whether we're repairing roads, planning events, or keeping communities safe the City of Homestead Staff are here to serve you every day. Watch our 2016 Staff Tribute Video to meet some of the people working for you. Remember, whatever you need, whenever you need it we're only one call away.


Seminole Theatre Completion Celebration

Over 1,000 people came out to celebrate the restoration of the Seminole Theatre!  Get in on the excitement and action as the theatre opens its doors for the first time in nearly 40 years with this fun music video.

Mayor & Council Interviews

Councilwoman Jenifer N. Bailey

 Councilman Jon Burgess

Councilman Larry Roth

Staff Interviews

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How-To Videos

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July 2017

Welcome to Inside Homestead, this month we've got a recap of our favorite summer celebration, an update on community redevelopment, and tips on how to control those pesky mosquitoes!  Tune in now to find out more...

July 2017

Welcome to Inside Homestead, this month we've got a recap of our favorite summer celebration, an update on community redevelopment, and tips on how to control those pesky mosquitoes!  Tune in now to find out more...