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Inside Homestead is an exciting program where you can find out about all the happenings right here in Homestead.  Each month, we release a news show offering our residents updates on local events as well as other developments throughout the region.  We also have in-depth interviews with our Mayor & Council and City Staff, special events coverage, and helpful how-to videos..  Thanks for watching, we'll see you next time!

Inside Homestead News

May 2021

Inside Homestead is back! Today we have updates on the COVID-19 vaccine, the Trolley to the National Parks, and the world’s first Cybrarium. Inside Homestead starts right now…

Special Events

Together We'll Get Through This: 2020 Tribute to Staff

Together, we'll get through this! Our 2020 Tribute to Staff is a message to everyone in the Homestead community. While this year has brought unprecedented challenges, it has also shown us how much we can accomplish together!



Mayor & Council Interviews

​Mayor Steven D. Losner


 Councilwoman Jenifer N. Bailey

Councilman Larry Roth

Councilman Stephen R. Shelley

Staff Interviews

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How-To Videos

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