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Inside Homestead is an exciting program where you can find out about all the happenings right here in Homestead.  Each month, we release a news show offering our residents updates on local events as well as other developments throughout the region.  We also have in-depth interviews with our Mayor & Council and City Staff, special events coverage, and helpful how-to videos..  Thanks for watching, we'll see you next time!

Inside Homestead News

May 2022

Catch up with us in this episode of Inside Homestead.  We've got updates on exciting events, pesky mosquitoes, and some huge construction news.

 May 2022

Catch up with us in this episode of Inside Homestead.  We've got updates on the Cybrarium Summer Reading Program, and hurricane preparedness!

April 2022

In this episode of Inside Homestead we're talking about Military Appreciation Day, 2021 Trolley Season Recap, and the Cybrarium 1 Year Anniversary.  Watch now to find out more!

March 2022

Inside Homestead is back! Today we have updates on Keep Homestead Beautiful, The Eco Fair and Farmer's Market, and the 2022 Easter event. Inside Homestead starts right now…

Special Events

Good Job: 2021 Tribute to Staff

As the City of Homestead continued to face unprecedented challenges our staff persevered on and continued to do a good job and serve the community! Our 2021 Tribute to Staff is a message to everyone in the Homestead community. 


Mayor & Council Interviews

​Mayor Steven D. Losner

Councilwoman Erica G. Ávila 

 Councilwoman Jenifer N. Bailey

Councilman Larry Roth

Staff Interviews

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How-To Videos

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