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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Annual Reports*)

View Homestead’s Annual Reports to know how the city has done financially through the years.

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* Effective immediately, the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) is asking all industry affiliates to stop using the four letter acronym commonly associated with the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report . Instead, GFOA recommends referring to the report by either the full name or by using a shortened format that does not include the four letter acronym . While “AFR” has been suggested, the acronym AFR has specific meaning to governments in Florida. Effective for the FY2020 Annual Report, we will use the acronym ACFR or the phrase “Annual Report” to refer to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Monthly / Quarterly Budgetary Comparison Report

The City of Homestead provides a budgetary comparison report every quarter.

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For More Information

Contact the Finance Department at (305) 224-4553 with any questions or comments you may have about the financial reports.