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The City of Homestead is the second oldest city in Miami-Dade County. The South Dade area opened to homesteaders in 1898. At the time the only way in and out of the area was through a path called the Homesteaders Trail. In 1904, Henry Flagler decided to extend the railroad from Miami to Key West. Farmers in the area were now able to transport their fruits and vegetables to Miami and other parts of the state. Many of the workers who helped build the railroad stayed in the area and founded the City of Homestead in 1913.

Quality of Life

Homestead is a beautiful place to live and work. In our city, sunny days are the norm and the average temperature is 75 degrees. Miami is only 30 miles north of Homestead, home to a major international airport and one of the country’s most vibrant and culturally rich cities. Homestead is adjacent to two national parks.

Attractions Nearby

Ten miles west of Homestead is a wealth of natural beauty: Everglades National Park. The Everglades are home to vast mangrove forests and watery saw grass plains. The Everglades are truly a subtropical wilderness that shelters alligators, ibis, eagles, manatees, and panthers. East of the city is Biscayne National Park encompassing the bay, barrier islands, and coral reefs. Just south of the city are the Florida Keys with an abundance of recreational activities.


The hometown atmosphere in Homestead that welcomes visitors comes from a community that is proud of the ongoing accomplishments that make the City of Homestead a desirable place to live, work, and raise a family. The City of Homestead offers a unique small-town atmosphere with all the amenities of a big city. Welcome to Homestead: A great place to live and work!

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