Request an Inspection


The City of Homestead’s Development Services Department is proud to present the Building Inspection Information Services by phone and online. It is a time saving new tool that allows you to:
  • Check results of inspection
  • Schedule / cancel an inspection
This service is available by phone and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Check Results of Inspections

Using it on the Phone

Use the following instructions for using the Information Services by phone.
  1. Dial (305) 224-4590 from any touchtone telephone or cellular phone.
  2. You will have two options.
    1. Press 1 for inspection results. Have your confirmation number ready to enter.
    2. Press 2 for scheduling or cancelling inspections. Have your permit number and inspection codes ready to enter.

Inspections Brochure

View our inspections brochure in English or in Spanish to learn more about the process of inspections.

Overtime Inspections

    Overtime inspections are available upon availability and approval, please submit an Overtime Inspection Request form to Building Department for review.

Inspection Request and Plan Review

Use this service to conduct an inspection request and plan review.