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In our efforts to revitalize the City of Homestead, the Community Redevelopment Agency offers various grant programs that target blight removal and economic development within our community.

COVID-19 Recovery Grants

The CRA has launched two programs designed to help residents and businesses within the incorporated City of Homestead that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Mortgage, Rental & Utilities Assistance Grant Program will provide eligible residents who reside within the Homestead's City boundaries with a one-time assistance of up to $6,000 or up to 6 months' mortgage, rent and utilities costs owed.  The Small Business Emergency Recovery Grant will assist eligible small businesses with a grant up to $10,000 for COVID relief assistance.  Grants in both programs will be made until funds are expended.

Click here to apply for Mortgage, Rent and Utilities Assistance

Click here to apply for Small Business Recovery Assistance

Commercial Enhancement Grants

Commercial Enhancement Grant funds are for the improvement or rehabilitation of the interior/exterior of existing qualified commercial buildings and for businesses relocation and expansion within the city's CRA district, including but not limited to the removal of architectural barriers for access by handicapped person. Grant funds may not be used for new construction.
  • Commercial Facade Improvement
  • Commercial Interior Build-Out
  • Business Relocation and Expansion Program

Housing Rehabilitation Program

The Emergency Home Repair, Residential Facade, and Residential Landscaping Improvement Grant Programs were developed to provide low and moderate income, single-family residents with the financial assistance needed to make necessary improvements to their homes, to increase their livability and life span. This grant does not require matching funds or repayment*. This program is limited to one (1) per resident for the life of the grant program.
  • Emergency Home Repair provides funding for emergency repairs. This section of the program assists homeowners with necessary repairs and property improvements to make a safe, secure, and sanitary home.
  • Residential Facade Improvement provides funding for the improvements of the exterior of the property. This section of the program stabilizes the community by assisting homeowners with improvements that create sense of pride, as well as perserving the value of home equity.
  • CDBG Housing Rehabilitation Program provides funding for housing repairs within the City of Homestead limits.
For more information, please contact Maliqua Carter Monday through Friday at (305) 224-4486
Please see the Income Level Chart to determine if you qualify for these programs.

CRA Residential Rehabilitation Grant Program:

*Applicant MUST occupy residence for a minimum of five (5) years after receiving grant, in order not to be obligated to reimburse the CRA.

Should you have any questions regarding the CRA Commercial Enhancement Program or the CRA Housing Rehabilitation Program, please email:

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