Councilman Elvis R. Maldonado

Current & Previous Experience

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Councilman Elvis R. Maldonado was re-elected in 2017 to a four-year term in Council Seat #5, which includes the Waterstone Community. He was first elected as a Homestead a council member in that seat in 2009 and subsequently re-elected in 2013.

Community Involvement

As a proven leader in the community, Councilman Maldonado has been extremely proactive throughout the City of Homestead. His involvement includes educational work as an outreach counselor with Aspira South Charter School, Homestead Senior High School, and Homestead Middle School. Councilman Maldonado's involvement includes being a member of the Homestead City Charter Review, being the former chair of the Community Development District (CDD) and former president of the Homeowners Association of his community—Malibu Bay.

Current Appointments to Boards & Committees

As a councilman who comes from a diverse leadership background he currently chair the Best Practices/New Trends Committee, serves as Miami-Dade County League of Cities Liaison, and has a seat on the Elected Officials Pension Board and the Beacon Council.

Biographical Information

Councilman Maldonado was raised in Homestead since the age of 5. From playing little league baseball, to surviving Hurricane Andrew, the councilman can attribute many of his experiences to our city. He graduated from Florida Computer and Business College in 1998 and, in 2007, opened Laptop Zone, a full-service computer technology company, located in Homestead.

Outside of serving the Homestead community, Councilman Maldonado also enjoys spending time with his family.

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