Parks & Recreation


The mission of the Parks and Recreation Department is to continue to deliver all City of Homestead residents by providing safe and nurturing recreational, educational and cultural activities. We seek to promote the physical and academics for all age groups.

Services, Functions, and Activities

The Parks & Recreation Department primary services include the operation of all City parks everyday year-round, comprehensive recreation and activities for all ages. Conduct summer and winter camps, senior citizen programs, youth programs and educational classes. Provide a safe and attractive park environment in which all segments of the population may recreate and enjoy a variety of professionally run programs and activities; all in an effort to enhance the quality of life for our residents, as well as an appealing setting for the many visitors to our community.


Responsible for routine duties include processing payroll, requisitions, submitting invoices for payment, planning, budgeting and provide technical support and assist all divisions. Monitor performance and administering policy for the department’s operation.