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City Clerk
The City Clerk is one of three official charter positions that are appointed by the City Council. The City Clerk is responsible for giving notices of all meetings, including Council, Special Call, Committee of the Whole, Workshops and the Community Redevelopment Agency. The City Clerk also keeps accurate recordings of the proceedings in the form of written minutes and/or audio recordings.

Other Duties
In addition, the city clerk serves as the financial disclosure coordinator, the records management official and municipal supervisor of elections. The city clerk’s department processes:
  • Codification of all ordinances and resolutions.
  • Legal documents that are adopted by the City Council
  • Lien searches and public records requests
  • Vehicle titles and registrations

The Goal
The goal of the office of the city clerk is to serve as the premier source of information for residents, businesses, visitors and employees of the City of Homestead.

Contact Us
Elizabeth Sewell, MMC
City Clerk

Ph: (305) 224-4442

City of Homestead City Hall 
100 Civic Court 
Homestead, FL 33030