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Open / Close an Account
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Open an Account

 To open or transfer an HPS account you need to complete the appropriate application and submit via email to  or by fax to (305) 224-4839.
  • Online Bill PayComplete Residential Application, submit with a legible copy of your drivers license, and your lease or warranty deed. 
  • Complete Military Application, submit with a legible copy of your military identification, and your lease or warranty deed.  
  • Complete Commercial Application, submit with a copy of the business license, and lease or warranty deed. 
  • You must complete a Credit Card Authorization in order to process applicable residential/commercial account deposits and connection fees required to open your account. 
  • Once your account is open, learn more about the various ways to pay your bill.

Deposits & Connections

Fees are required for Electric, Water, and Sewer services.  
  • Residential Deposit
 Deposit  Electric  Water  Sewer
 Maximum  $250  $39.41  $50.68
 Minimum  $150  $39.41  $50.68
    • Deposit is based on credit rating
    • Deposit waived for: excellent credit or enrollment in automatic bank payments
  • Commercial Deposit
    • For new businesses, deposit is based on credit rating
    • For existing businesses, deposit is based on two to three months' consumption
    • Deposit waived for: excellent credit, surety bond, or letter of credit.
  • Industrial Deposit
    • Click here for a detailed chart of industrial deposits.
  • Electric and Water Connection Fees
 Service  Electric  Water
 Residential $20   $22.53
 Commercial $20  Based on meter size, click here for details.
 Industrial $20
    • NOTE: Circuit breaker must be in the OFF position for electric service to be connected. 
    • If the connection fee and any outstanding balance is paid before noon, services will be connected on the same day, provided a meter is present at the site.  Services requiring a meter will be connected within two business days.
    • If the payment is made after noon, service will be connected within one business day.

Sanitation Fees

Please click here for more information on waste pickup locations and schedules.  There is no fee to have bins delivered.

 Service Trash  Recycling  Hurricane  Stormwater
 Residential  $33.90/mo. $2.78/mo. $1.02/mo. $3.37/mo.
 Commercial & Industrial  For details please click here. $1.02/mo.  $3.37/mo.

Terminate an Account

To terminate an HPS account please complete the account termination form and submit to customer service via email at 
  or by fax to (305) 224-4839.