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About your Bill
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How To Read Your Bill

Read our quick and easy guide to understand your monthly utility bill. You can also match the numbers below to the corresponding number in the bill image to see what the different areas of the bill mean.

HPS Bill Graphic
  1. Account number and service address
  2. Service period and due date
  3. Wateservice charges
    (consumption rates and usage)
  4. Energy service charges
    (consumption rates and usage)
  5. Sanitation service charges
  6. Other charges and taxes
  7. Summary of charges
  8. Current charges, past due balance and total amount due

  • How to Pay your Bill
Find out more about paying your bill through our Customer Service Department. 

Pay Your Bill
  • How to Lower your Bill through 
Energy Efficiency Measures 
Find out about our Residential Rebate Program.

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For More Information
If you have questions or comments about your bill, please contact the HPS Customer Service Department by email at or by phone at (305) 224-4800.