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How to Start Service
The Service Application Form can be found on our website at http://www.cityofhomestead.com/startstop .

Step 1: Complete the appropriate application

  • Residential
  • Military
  • Commercial

    Step 2: Include supporting documents

  • Residential: copy of driver’s license and proof of closing, if you are the property owner
  • Military: copy of driver’s license, military ID number and proof of closing if you are the property owner.
  • Commercial: copy of business license and proof of closing, if you are the property owner.

    Step 3: Complete a Credit Card Authorization Form in order to process applicable deposits and connection fees.

    Step 4: Submit all via email to customerservicequestions@cityofhomestead.com

    You may also visit our website at www.cityofhomestead.com/startstop

  • Customer Service

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    1. How to Start Service
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