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Posted on: March 8, 2017

Vice Mayor Fairclough Celebrates First United Methodist Christian School and The Town of Roxaboxen

During the February Special Council presentations, Vice Mayor Patricia Fairclough celebrated the creativity of the first graders of First United Methodist Christian School and all that they came up with in interpreting “Roxaboxen” — an imaginary town inspired by a special book. 

Vice Mayor Fairclough said, “As a former first grade teacher, I am so privileged to present students who worked really hard to create small businesses for the town of Roxaboxen, complete with amenities that are critical in order to be able to live and thrive in a community.”

She called Julie Kenney forward, one of First United Methodist’s two first grade teachers, to talk about the school’s annual Roxaboxen project. Kennedy explained, “The kids learn about community, they learn about being good citizens. As a Christian school, our hopes are that they realize their God-given talents and they use them to better serve our community and make the world a better place to live.” 

“Here’s a little peek inside our world of Roxaboxen,” Kenny continued, and introduced Conner Zanti, Town Hall Mayor of Roxaboxen, who came to the front of the room looking very official in a suit and tie. After saying a prayer and introducing the town’s police chief and officer, he said, “I’d like to thank our families for helping us create our beautiful town. Finally, I’d like to thank our Mayor of Homestead and Vice Mayor Patricia Fairclough for inviting us here today.”    
Then, the “Roxaboxenites” bounced with excitement down the center aisle of the City Council Chambers — small business owners, leaders and citizens dressed in wonderfully creative costumes reflecting their respective enterprises. Two members of the Homestead Youth Council helped Vice Mayor Fairclough present each small business owner with a certificate of recognition for his or her contributions to Roxaboxen.  

The annual Roxaboxen event is inspired by the book of the same name, written by Alice McLerran and illustrated by Barbara Cooney. The book celebrates the imagination of children who, no matter the time or place, can create whole worlds out of what they find around them—in this case, rocks and boxes.  The main character, Marian, and her friends find a special place in the desert where they play the games that will prepare them for their grown-up lives.

Roxaboxen business owners from Mrs. Julie Kenney’s class were: Alyssa Alonge - Alyssa’s Fabulous Fitness Center, Presley Aviles - Lollipop Shop, Kalina Burre - Sweet Spot, Dylan Champion - Stress Ball Relief Store, Emily D’Azevedo - Happy Horse Trail Rides, Coite Dispenza - Mr. C’s Toy Shop, Jesse Famada - Fire Station 7, Xavier Gallegos - Xavier’s Bait and Tackle, Eduardo Garridos - Ed’s Hardware, Abigail Garza -  Abigail’s Sweet Shop, Janelle Gaytan - Paws Life, Aziana Herring - Aziana’s Famous Phone Store, Elissa Ibraheim - Elissa’s Ice Cream Shop, Cole Joyce - Cole’s Pet Shop, Luke Largent - Luke’s Robotic Shop, Dylan Munz - Dylan’s Toy Store, Alexie Pereira - Alexie’s Flower Shop, Noah Soto - Noah’s God Store, Elizabeth Urbina - Soup of Peace Soup Kitchen, Stephano Velarde - Stephano’s Army Recruiting Station, Ruler Washington - Ruler’s World Game Store and Avery Yuhr - Li’s Lockup.  

Roxaboxen business owners from Mrs. Katherine Pearce’s class were: Brianna Acosta - Beauty Jewelry, Brianna Dean - Brianna’s Sparkle Hair and Nail Salon, Samara Dougher - First United Hospital, Harlowe Gilbert - Happy Donuts, Khloe Klefeker - Khloe’s Christian School, Madison Kollen - God is Love Church, Matthew Lauriano - Matthew’s Famous Pizzeria, Esteban Lopez - Esteban’s Gift Shop, Mason Money: First Place Farmer’s Market, Katelyn Omana - Katelyn’s Day Care, Ernesto Palacio - Movie Theatre, 
Justin Parker - Rent-A-Racer, Harrison Putnam - H. W. Bank, Connor Rodriguez - Connor’s Books For Champs, Devyn Schuber - Devyn’s Sporting Goods, Cassidy Sponseller - Feel Better Pharmacy, Gary Alan Ward - City Hall Jail and Conner Zanti – Town Hall Mayor. 

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